What can I do?

Triumph needs volunteers like you to help provide their kids’ with a better education.

You don’t have to have teaching experience but enthusiasm and a positive attitude are musts.

Volunteers choose how they would like to spend their time.

You can choose any age group, subject and level of leadership to work with. Some volunteers plan and teach their own lessons, others may prefer to act as a teaching assistant or give 1 on 1 reading support to struggling students.

Key Details


Volunteers live in the main house which is situated at the school. They get their own room. At busy times same sex volunteers may be asked to share a room.


Volunteers are provided 3 meals a day at the house. We encourage volunteers to try the local dishes but there are also lots of familiar foods such as pasta and rice. We also cater for vegetarians.


Triumph offers placements from a couple of weeks to several months.


Anytime! During school holidays the school runs optional extra classes and children in the school’s care stay on site.


100% of your costs go towards providing you with food, accomodation and sustaining the school.

< 1 month - $300
1 month - $400
2 months - $500
3 months - $600

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