I've never taught before, does this matter?

No, many of our volunteers come to us without previous teaching experience. In order to get the best experience from your time as a volunteer we recommend thinking about what interests you before you arrive. Google lesson ideas, pack your bag with some teaching tools whether that's books, craft materials or skipping ropes.

I'm not confident enough to teach a whole class, can I still help?

Yes. Volunteers always begin at Triumph by easing themselves in. They usually start by observing different classes' lessons to get an idea of the children's abilities and the teaching style. Then when they feel comfortable, volunteers can start to get more involved. For some that's providing additional support to the teacher, for others that's taking struggling students out of class for 1 to 1 reading support and for others that's teaching a class themselves.

Will there be other volunteers at Triumph during my stay?

It depends! You are welcome to volunteer with friends or family as a group. Triumph has the facilities to accomodate several volunteers at a time. However, it is down to volunteers to select when/for how long they wish to stay as a result, there may or may not be other volunteers during your stay.

Can I help doing construction work?

Yes, volunteers often help with digging trenches for foundations, mixing cement and transporting blocks. Triumph often has small construction projects on the go. Why not fundraise back home to help give the latest project a boost whilst you are here?

What should I wear?

Rules of dress in Ghana are fairly relaxed but more modest than most Western countries. Men can generally dress as they would at home. Women can wear knee-length shorts/skirts but shouldn't wear crop-tops that expose the stomach. Exposing your shoulders is fine but low cut tops should be avoided.

Is Ghana safe?

Ghana is considered one of the safest countries in Africa. It has been politically stable for longer than most countries on the continent. You should use common sense to keep you and your belongings safe as you would when travelling anywhere new.

Where's the nearest hospital?

Fortunately Triumph's village, Mowire has its own private hospital. The nearest major city, Kumasi also has a range of health facilities/hospitals.

What language do people speak?

Ghana's official language is English however most people's first language will be a regional language. In the Ashanti region, this language is Twi. School is taught entirely in English (aside from Twi classes!) Even at breaktime children should speak in English. However, in practice some people's English is better than others. Volunteers have no trouble at all visiting town or shopping using English. Just make sure you don't speak too quickly!

How do I get from Accra airport to Triumph?

For a small additional fee volunteers can request an airport pick-up. You will be met at the airport, accommodated in Accra for the night (if needs be) and then taken to the Accra coach station to get on a coach for Kumasi (5-6 hours journey). In Kumasi you will be met at the coach station by Peter and driven to Triumph. The coaches run very regularly, they are spacious and airconditioned with allocated seats and space for luggage underneath. Alternatively you can also fly from Accra to Kumasi (< 1 hour, return approx $110).

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