About Triumph

Triumph was set up in 2000 by Peter and Gladys Oduro to provide a quality education to children in need in Mowire. Mowire is a village 13km outside of Kumasi, Ghana’s 2nd largest city. It can be reached by trotro (minibus).

Now the school educates 400 children from nursery through to JHS2 (14 years old). Most students pay a small tuition, but this is waived for those who cannot, as the Oduros believe that every child deserves an education.

Triumph has welcomed volunteers from all over the world and of all ages, from 18 year olds to those in their 60s!

Volunteers have had a profound impact on the school. Thanks to volunteers the school now has running water, computers, reading books and new building developments.

Peter and Gladys the school founders
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